Fantasy Name Generator makes cool fantasy names for online role playing games. The generator will make over 9 million unique names. Online and cool fantasy names for all your RPG games!

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Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator is a highly specialized online tool for making cool fantasy names. Perfect for your online role playing games, RPG and MMORPG games like Runescape, Everquest, World of Warcraft, Travian, Runes of Magic, Hackscape, Metin2 and for old school offline role playing games.

The Fantasy Name Generator makes both male and female fantasy names. 45% of the names are dedicated female fantasy names. The remaining 55% are male. But many of the fantasy names are so generic, that they can be used both for male and female characters.

Cool fantasy names

What makes a fantasy name cool? For me a cool fantasy name is a name that has no or only little resemblance with words, names or meanings we know and recognize from the real world. And in that sense the suggestions from this generator definitely are cool. Names are generated from short words and syllables that are randomly put together in to new and often surprising combinations.

Cool fantasy names are powerful and not too long. There are easy to pronounce cross culture and language. What we prefer differs a lot and is highly dependent of our personal and cultural preferences. The fantasy name generator reflects this difference by producing a lot of different suggestions and huge variation in the output. Just discard the names you don't like and save the ones you fancy.

Cool versus badass fantasy names

For some people a badass fantasy name is synonymous with a cool name. And again I would claim that the generic nature on the generated names gives a lot of real badass fantasy names. Whats really making them badass can be a subtle meaning or a hidden hint nested in a name that is not immediately recognizable.

Get inspiration and good ideas

If you didn't find the perfect and cool fantasy name you were looking for, your hopefully have found some inspiration and some good ideas to work on with.

The output from the generator is far from perfect every time. In fact some pretty bad names will occur in the results. It's a consequence of my random algorithms and the nature of artificial intelligence.

Both trough the randomness and the programming I aim to make a huge variation in the generated output. It leads to a substantial numbers of bad names. A simple machine intelligence can't distinguish good and cool from bad and lame. So what a human is capable of in doing in a split second, the computer can't do at all, so you may have to do a little work yourself to refine the final result.

Luckily the solution is simple if you don't fancy the fist suggestions. Just make another name... and another one... and another one... until you are satisfied with the outcome. All the cool fantasy names are saved to a list giving you time to inspect them closer and save the list for future use.

Good fantasy names

Good fantasy names should be both memorable and inspiring. They should send epic or heroic signals, and should also be creative and significant to make your character or avatar special and stand out from the crowd.

Fantasy names are also used for less noble roles and therefore the range of signals of the generated names are very broad. From good noble names, over mysterious to wicked or twisted and evil fantasy names. All made to suit a wide range of different characters.

How to make good fantasy names?

Good fantasy names can be made in various ways. You can use old names from history or literature, opera, theater etc. And you can find inspiration and ideas in the many online RPG games. Look for something short and easy to pronounce. If the spelling and sound is close to something slight familiar with a known and recognizable word the fantasy name might be easier to grasp and remember for friends and enemies.

Another great method is to play with known words and names. Just replace some letters with others and maybe change the order of some letters. It could be Peter to Petur, Andy to Andos, Eagle to Eagol, Viking to Vikan etc. The possibilities are unlimited. Only imagination sets the limits.

How the generator makes fantasy names

I use simple and short syllables to form more complex 2 and 3 syllables words.

Syllables like:

  • el
  • dor
  • al
  • dan

Gives really cool fantasy names like "Eldor" and "Aldan".

Finishing the name

After the base is done the names are sorted manually. Names without the good fantasy feel are removed from the arrays, that generate the final names. And new ones are added with inspiration from the randomly generated ones and from the letter replacing method described above.

Male or female fantasy names?

45% of the generated names are female fantasy names. They differ from the male, by a softer sound, a more feminine feel and the female names often ends with vowels like 'a' or 'e'.

But as it all is fantasy names, it can be hard to distinguish male from female fantasy names, because many of them holds both masculine and feminine qualities. And the androgyny and unisex feeling sometimes gives some very cool results.

So it's usually a question of personal preferences, how you define the sex of the created character name.

Evil or Good fantasy names

The generator generates a wide range of random names. Variation is huge by design. Some will be dark and evil, others will be epic, heroic and good fantasy names.

Most names though are neutral and without any recognizable meaning. So it will mainly depend on your game character, if the name will be recognized as an dark and evil or a good character name.