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The Nickname Generator is a free online web service that make cool nicknames and funny nicks for you and your friends. My goal is to make creative, catchy and cool nicknames to use online and in real life.

How to make a cool nickname

A cool nickname can be made in several ways. You can use adjectives with either cool, sweet or badass meanings. You can combine these coloring adjectives with animal names, pet names or words that otherwise send human signals to create a funny, cute or cool nickname.

Often it's not the word itself, but rather the combination of words that will make the nickname stand out as funny or cool.

Other ways to create a good nickname is to use word suffixes and diminutive word forms in combination with the persons original name.

Nickname definition

A nickname is

  • A familiar, invented given name for a person or thing used instead of the actual name of the person or thing
  • A descriptive name for a place or thing
  • An alternate name someone uses, or others use, to refer to that person instead of using that person's real or complete name
  • The familiar form of company name (eg Bud for Budweiser, T-bird for Thunderbird etc)

More nickname definitions

Princeton university defines it likes this: Definition of a nickname is: a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name).

At Wikipedia a nickname is defined like this: "A nickname (also spelled "nick name") is a descriptive name given in place of or in addition to the official name of a person. Sometime a nickname is also referred to as a short name."

On many social networks, forums and other communities different nicks, avatars and screen names are used. Primarily to hide the users real identity. But also to make users stand out from the crowd, be easily distinguished from others or just to appear cool by having cool nicks.

Cool, cute or funny nicknames?

If the Nickname Generator creates a cool nickname, when you are looking for a cute or funny nickname and vice versa. Just hit the make naming button once again. Both the cute, funny and cool nicknames are generated with a random function, so you'll probably get lucky in one of the the next tries.

Nicknames for friends and lovers

A generated nickname is often used to describe someone we love and care for. But we can really use them for all and everybody. Cool nicknames are used for friends, pets, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriend, sweethearts etc.

Nicknames among friends

Nicks are commonly used between friends. Culture have great influence on which type of nicknames we use. In some names the tone can seem harsh or maybe even a bit evil and vicious. In other cultural groups the preferred nicknames might be cute, sweet or lovable.

In common for both types of nicks, is that a nickname express both love and affection. And it also brings a feeling of belonging to a group or a community. Nicks are for friends and not for enemies.

Pet names for lovers

Another special category of nicks are the kind of pet names lovers use for each other. People has always been naming their lovers, sweethearts, boyfriends and girlfriends with sweet and cute pet names. The nickname generator will offer lots of ideas for good pet names for lovers and sweethearts.

Of course not all nicknames are suited as pet names for boys or pet names for girls. But if you are looking for a pet name for you boyfriend and end with a girly or feminine nickname, just hit the button again, and get a boy pet name the next time around.

Nicknames on the Internet

The use of a nickname is also very common on the Internet. Nicknames are used on Internet forums, communities and also a lot of Social services like Facebook, messenger, Twitter, flikr, etc. The Internet nicknames are often more cool than personal nicknames. Friendship is often more superfluous and in many Internet communities cool nicks seems to give the user a lot of self esteem.

An interesting nickname makes you easier to remember and will distinguish you from other people on the Internet.