The random Company Name Generator makes over 3 million random and creative names. Just like an online brainstorm. Perfect for getting new ideas for company names.

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The Company Name Generator

I try to make trendy and high tech company names. Names suited for it and tech companies and business projects. Names are made from short and strong words and syllables. Modern and catchy words like tech, lux, camp, gen, oxi etc. which makes it very well suited as a tech company generator.

The company name generator saves all the naming ideas to a list. The list is a great feature. You can use it to save all the ideas for cool company names. But you can also use the list to perform a domain check. Just click the name to do a domain availability check. If your wanted domain is not available wit the .com top-level domain, other top level domains are suggested to you.

Good ideas for company names

The company name generator is a great tool for giving you new ideas for cool company names.

Don't expect that the company name generator is able to produce the best company name right out of the box. A name gen is basically just a machine and therefor of course lack the human understanding. it will completely miss any subtle and sublime meanings in the name. And those sublime qualities might very well make the difference between an average and a great company name.

But anyway. The abundance of new random ideas will fire your imagination and creativity, and give you many good ideas for naming your company.

So think of this tool as a company name idea generator more than an oracle that will give you the final answers. Your just pick the best ideas and refine your final name from that.

Good company names

What makes a good company name? It should be easy to remember, easy to read, and easy to pronounce.

Good names also gives positive associations of you business and brand. Finally it will make your stand out from the crowd.

Random name generation

The company name generator mix these words and names to get new surprising combinations. All of course done randomly. The random company generator will make up to 3 million different name suggestions.

Randomness is the strength of the name generator. The random name suggestions fire our imagination and help us think out of the box.

But be aware that with randomness also follows bad name combinations. It's inevitable. Just push the button once more and get a new one. No problem. The random name generator is very easy to use.

Free, online and easy to use

The company generator is a free online tool. It's extremely easy to use. Names are created with a single click on a button. There's no waits or long load times. Just free online random and cool company names!

If you don't like the first name idea, you just make another one. All very easy and very fast.

Tech company name generator

The tech company names are randomly generated from list of short generic tech words and syllables mainly associated with software and hardware tech companies. Words, abbreviations and acronyms are borrowed from science and the technology industry. It is words like:

  • tech
  • alpha
  • silicon
  • ware
  • data

Those high tech words make this radomizer perfect as a tech company name generator. The words are combined into new acronyms or one syllable names for tech companies.

Rules for best company name

if you take a look at the worlds best company names and brands the mostly follow these 3 golden rules for good company names:

  • easy to remember
  • easy to spell
  • easy to pronounce

The best company names also send positive signals and give the consumers a positive view of the business.

Often the best company name also is generic, and covers a wider range of business areas. Then if you later expand to other business areas, you don't have to change your companies name.

Random company name

Good random company names can be created in various ways and from various word.

I use words, expressions and abbreviations from science and technology, animals, colors, short well known words with a good sound to make cool names.

All the words are randomly combined into various combinations.

Catchy company names

Some company names are catchy. Catchy company names are easy to remember and grasp.

Often a combination of a couple of short words is the best. The combination can make the name unique and say a lot more than a single word can.

If the company name on the other hand gets too short it could end op being too anonymous. Words like "tech" or "net" er too short to stand out and will rather sound like a part of a company name that a full name.

If you got a young and trendy company the name should also be cool. Cool names signalize trendiness, youth and creativity.

Creative company names

It's not easy to create creative company names. There's a whole lot of decisions to make.

This generator can't create 100% creative and innovative company names for you. Creativity is a human skill, and definitely not a machine skill.

But the random generator can ignite the creative process. You can get suggestions that will help you create your own ideas and creative name.

Furthermore creativity is hard to define. What I find creative and cool, you'll maybe find trite and naive. So with out user test creativity also can be a little dangerous. Especially if you are trying to start some international business, it's important to test your names at local users and in local focus groups.