Random name generator can make 6 billion random names. Random male and female names. The name randomizer are based on the 3000 most popular English and American names.

Your Random Names

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The Random Name Generator

The Random Name Generator use real American names to create unique online random names. The 1000 most popular male and 1000 female names, are combined with the most popular 1000 surnames to make random names.

The result is that the Random Name Generator can make over 3 billions different and unique random names.

Name randomizer

The generator also works a the perfect name randomizer. It randomize names in a 100% realistic way, due to it's use of real American names.

At the same time it's a full blown unisex name randomizer. It makes 50% random male and 50% random female names. To complete randomization the male and female names are often mixed, using girl names for boy middle names, and vice versa.

Randomization is based on the build in JavaScript Math.random() function added some complex random algorithm developed to make highest possible variations in the output of the name randomizer.

How to make random names

To make random names I have used public lists of real American and chosen the 1000 most popular male, the 1000 most popular female names and the 1000 most popular surnames.

United States of America has always been a multi ethnic society due to centuries of immigration from different countries and cultures.

So beside the most common English and American names the lists also contains a substantial number of Latin, Italian and Spanish names. From northern Europe there are many Scandinavian and German names. Asia is represented by Japanese and Chinese names and from the Middle East, there's Arab and Jewish names.

Male and female random names

The online generator makes 50% male and 50% female names.

30% of both male and female names are given a middle name. In 10% of the names the middle name will be a name for the opposite sex or a surname.

Cool random names

The random name generator will often surprise with cool random names.

The randomizers use of cross sex middle names and the mix of traditional American names combined with ethnic inspired ones, will often result in new and fresh combinations. The result is more surprising, unusual and cool random names.

When we try to make fake names our self we usually keep thinking in the same tracks. Often we have a limited numbers of real names to chose from. Usually inspired by real life people we know in person or people we just have heard about.

Try for example to write down all the female names you know. In best you probably only remember a couple of hundred different ones. Making your own fake names is also limited by our personal preferences. Overall the result often is predictable and kind of boring

Bad names

There will of course also a be a lot of bad names. They might sound stupid, ridiculous, be hard to articulate or just plain bad.

A generator has no way to decide if a name has real star quality or even sound and look realistic. Real quality can only be determined by the human brain. The machine intelligence can't really be creative or think out of the box.

Find real names


At the census.gov you can find some huge lists of American names. They are divided into lists of American male, American female and American surnames.


At these lists: lists of English boy and lists of English girls names you can also read about the meaning of the male and female names. Fun lists if you wanna put a symbolic quality to your naming.