The Vampire Name Generator make cool vampire names based on east European and Slavic sounding fantasy names. Over 5 million unique name combinations with dark, wicked and evil meaning and articulation.

Vampire Names

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Vampire name generator

The Vampire Name Generator makes scary, evil, mean and cool vampire names.

The Vampire Name Generator uses East European names as a base. Eastern Europe is the home of the modern vampire legend and the Slavic names add a distinct exotic, wicked and evil feeling to the generated names.

To give the names the final touch and feel the vampire name generator uses bloody, scary, creepy, dark, wicked, devilish and evil adjectives and nouns that are randomly added.

Cool vampire names

Cool vampire names is the goal of the generator. Extra verbs, adjectives or nouns, associated with the vampire universe are added. It is words like black, blood, wood, water, tomb, crypt, garlic, etc. Together with the Slavic and East European inspired names it gives some really badass and cool vampire names.

It is rather hard to define cool and coolness. But cool is somewhat easy to recognize when we are facing it. Cool vampire names can either be cruel and dark, bloody and mean if you are into traditional vampirism. Or they could be funny or even jolly if you connection to the blood suckers are more relaxed.

Coolness has wide borders, and is often a matter of personal preferences and the current context.What some one think is really cool and badass may seem even idiotic or childish to others.

Ideas for vampire names

A generator like this is constructed to give cool ideas. And a lot of it. So if you don't like the first name just hit the generate button again and make a new one.

The vampire name generator is nothing but a machine, and machines are by design not creative nor innovative. Machine intelligence can't really "think" out of the box and it certainly doesn't understand or recognize hidden and subtle meanings in words. Not to mention interesting play with words. So to really make good vampire names you need the human touch, or some chance or good luck.

Consequential a substantial numbers of the ideas from the generator will be rather bad, or even stupid. But if you use a good generator it will give you a whole lot of new cool ideas to work on with.

Good vampire names

Good vampire names should be scary and bring remembrance of Transylvania and the modern myths of vampirism. A good vampire name can add coolness to your online gaming, personality, avatar or character.

Good vampire names have become very interesting to a lot of Internet users after the huge success with American vampire TV series like Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood just to mention a few.

The quality of these series vary widely much, but they have in common that the true fans of the series wants some good vampire names.

Female vampire names for girls

The name generator makes 40% strictly female vampire names for girls. But some of the male names so uni-sexual, that they might as well be used as good female vampire names for girls. Overall the balance between male and female vampire names are close to 50 - 50.

So if don't get a female vampiric name in the first try, just give the button an extra click to get another one.

Original vampiric names

Original vampires names from Slavic Eastern Europe gives the final dark mysterious and gothic touch to the naming.

The original and traditional Slavic names are perfect for Gothic characters. Gothic or goth names can signal both power and dark force or withdrawn calm and noble feelings all depending on your specific character

Alternative vampiric naming

Goth Vampire names

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Funny vampire names

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