The generator makes cool band names. It uses complex random algorithms to make creative and cool band names. Over 6 million unique and random names.

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Band Name Generator

The Band Name Generator is an online and free web application. It makes cool band names for you and your band. Fast and easy. The generator makes creative, funky and cool band names.

The Band Name Generator makes the names by combining different words to new and random combinations. The words is a mixture of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Sometimes a fantasy inspired name is thrown into the word arrays just to add a final twist.

Cool Band Name Generator

The word arrays have been updated several times. Each time you increase the numbers of words to choose from the number of unique combinations also increase. The result is even more cool band names.

But numbers alone can't do it. A complex random algorithm controls the output of the generator. The combination of rich word arrays and complex random functions result in more cool band names.

Cool ideas for band names

If the Band Name Generator didn't make the cool band name you were looking for, you will find inspiration to create a cool name yourself.

A generator is a rather simple machinery and won't be able to find and recognize any subtle meanings and hints that often distinguish the good band name from the great band name.

You can't expect a machine intelligence too make the perfect name. But it sure can help you get your own ideas for cool names.

Metal Band Name Generator

I have adjusted the word lists and random functions to make more hardcore metal band names. So the generator is also a metal band name generator now.

The new "metal band name generator" make cool names for several heavy metal genres. Heavy metal genres like death metal, black metal and doom metal.

List of band names

All your names are saved to a list, so if you get a little trigger happy, and generate new ones too fast, you can still see them in the list. Just remember to save the list before you leave the page.

From the save list you can also perform a domain availability check of the band name ideas. Just click the suggested name you want to check. If the domain is already taken alternative suggestions are made by the internet domain checker.

Cool Band Names

Cool band names should:

  • Express the soul and feeling of you group
  • Describe the members
  • Fire the audiences imagination
  • Be a solid brand for your group
  • Gather and unify the identity of the band members

How to create a band name

A cool band name can be created in many ways, and it is no easy task creating it.

Some times the name of an orchestra is carefully constructed after some higher ideas or even ideals. Other times it comes from a random sentence, a book, a song title.

Often the process of making a band name can be both painful and long. Everybody are expect perfection and everybody has a different taste and preferences for what is really cool.

And it actually pretty difficult to say when you actually hit the real thing and have made the perfect name. In fact only history will tell.

A good way to test if your ideas is hot or not, is to ask people outside the band what they think.

  • Is it creative and exiting?
  • Is it trendy?
  • Is it hot?
  • Is it a cool band name?

And also remember to ask your coming audience about the name. Not your mom, your auntie or sister, but people who listen to the kind of music your band plays.

Only your coming audience can really tell, if it sends the right signals, the right attitude, and express the feeling of the music that you play.

Historical Band Name

Here's a short list with some of the most famous and best band names through history.

  • ABBA
  • The Beatles
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Nirvana
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Black Sabbath
  • The Who
  • Talking Heads
  • Skid Row
  • Pink Floyd
  • Procol Harum
  • Queen
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Iron Maiden
  • ACDC

This is just a few examples of great band names.

For a more complete list check the list of band name etymology at the Wikipedia. The list is quite impressive and the band names origins are explained and referenced quite thoroughly.