Codename Generator makes cool code names. Over 5 million unique code names - perfect for naming software projects, business ideas, operations or other projects.

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The Codename Generator

The Codename Generator is an online and free web app. It generates cool code names that are funny to use when you are naming you projects.

The Codename Generator is funny and easy to use. Just hit the button multiple times, and browse the generated list of code names till you find the right one. Or get lots of ideas and inspiration to come up with your own code name.

From the save list you can check right away if the domain is available. Just click the chosen name to check, and instantly a request is send.

In short the Codename Generator is the perfect tool to generate random, creative and cool code names whether you are in the brainstorming process, or just need some fast ideas for cool code titles.

Because of the randomness and huge diversity the generator will make names for many purposes. It could be military code names, team codenames or titles for software apps, projects or developments.

Ideas for code names

If didn't found the exact code name you were looking for don't despair. The code name generator is a brilliant tool to generate lots of random suggestions and ideas. An invaluable help en any brain storming process.

Ideas and suggestion that you can work on with and that can give you inspiration to use other angles in naming you projects.

After all the primary task of a name generator is too create new ideas to trigger your own imagination and creativity, and not necessarily create the perfect result right out of the box. You might need to tweak the proposed code names to make it perfect.

5 million random code names

The codename generators combines words from different lists and arrays. Long lists of nouns, verbs and adjectives are used in creation. The more words in these lists the higher variation in the generated names.

Random algorithms controls the final construction of the name. With the current word lists and the random algorithms the generator is capable of making make more than 5 million unique and creative names at the moment.

Good code names

Using code names is a good idea because they are is much easier to remember, than a long describing project title. Also those formal project titles tend to be a little boring.

When working on internal projects you can go for more funny code names. It's good for moral in the team, and a funny code name can really add to the feeling of unity and foster a lot more positive approach to an otherwise dull or boring project.

How to make good code names

Good code names can be generated in many ways. I use colors, animals, adjectives, and nouns to make the code names. The words are combined in random patterns and surprising combinations to make new and interesting compositions of words.

When making random names a lot of bad names will inevitable show up. But if you are unhappy with the result just hit the button again, and you will get a new and better one. And don't be afraid to click the generate button too fast. The name generator is blazing fast, but if you miss a good name suggestion, it is dynamically written to the save list for later investigation.

Other ways to make catchy code titles

Some other popular methods to make catchy project titles are naming the projects after well known everyday things. It could be everything from beer or whiskey brands to animals or ancient gods. Or you can use the team members preferences and choose favorite cartoons or super heroes. Or what about scientific expressions, Greek letters, famous people, mountains, etc. The possibilities are infinite.

Alternatively you could use anagrams or letter combinations and number combinations. A popular method when using the anagram approach is to use the anagram to form a new word, that is somewhat describing to the content of the project.

Alternative code names

Band name generator

If you more funky ideas check the Band Name Generator out. The band name generator can make some very cool names for projects. Funny, rough and a little naughty but with that rare rock'n'roll feeling. In short: Alternative and funky code names.

Domain name generator

If you came here looking for a blog or domain name also check out my Domain Generator. The domain generator is a business tool specialized in making cool domains. The domains are based on expressions from science, economics and the high tech industry. The result is creative, innovative and catchy domains.

Funny code names

Or if you're are looking for funny codenames and fun ideas for project titles. Visit the Superhero Name Generator. Crazy and funny code names. Superb for the more relaxed internal projects, where humor is more important than marketing.