The Team Name Generator makes random, creative and cool team names. The generator uses fantasy names combined with team names and makes over 3 million cool team names.

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Team Name Generator

The Team Name Generator makes cool team names. Based on fantasy names combined with different team titles also mainly related to the fantasy universe. Team titles rooted in the fantasy universe gives the names the final touch and twist. The result is creative badass and cool team names.

The Team Name Generator uses random functions and complex random algorithms to secure variation and extraordinary and spectacular cool team names.

A team generator can be used for naming all kind of groups from clans and guilds to facebook groups.

Team names for online fantasy games

The cool team names are perfect for a wide range of online games. From first person shooters like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Half Life, Medal of Honor and battlefield to online fantasy sports games like baseball, hockey and fantasy football.

Hockey team name generator

Yes. It sure can be used as a fantasy hockey team name generator, and it does create some very cool and badass hockey team names. Names that definitely are out of the ordinary.

Or you can use for real life teams. Looking for a fancy name for your new local soccer or football team. Just hit the button and mix the suggestions with your own ideas to create the coolest team names.

Due to the very generic form of the fantasy names it works really well as a group title generator for all kind of fantasy sport games.

Ideas for team names

The generator is perfect for creating new ideas for team names and will help you think out of the box. The recipe is simple, ff you don't like the first names you get, just hit the button again and you will instantly get a new one.

And the randomizer will inevitable make a fair amount of bad or maybe even plain stupid names. I do take chances with both my random algorithms and word arrays because I try to highest possible variation in the output in order to please as many as possible. And there is no way the artificially machine intelligence in computer software can distinguish stupid team names from cool team names.

Furthermore individual preferences and different taste will make it impossible to create names that everybody find cool.

Creating names is great fun, so I hope you you will get lots of new ideas and inspiration to carry on your self.

Cool Team Names

Cool team names should make you team stand out from the crowd, and be easy to recognize and remember. Cool team names signals team spirit, courage and power. A cool name will make your competitors respect you in advance and might even intimidate them.

Cool team names catch and express the spirit of the team, and express the spirit of all the individual team members.

Making cool team names

The fantasy names that form the base of the name is created of short and powerful words.

Syllables like: lok, tak, dim, cod gives cool fantasy names like "Lokdim" and "Codtak".

The fantasy content adds a lot of character, uniqueness, unpredictability and coolness to the names. I wont' hesitate to call them a lot of them for real badass team names.

The titles

The titles is the other major part of the name. The team name generator uses a lot of different words and nouns for the title it self. Many of those words also have their origin in the fantasy universe, and therefore are highly compatible with the fantasy element in the base name.

Here's some examples of titles I use:

  • Riders
  • Savages
  • Loons
  • Angels
  • Fighters

These group titles can be used in several context wherever you are in need of a cool or badass group name.

Finalizing the team names

To finalize the names I use a random generator paired with some complex random formulas. The randomization adds the final touch and creates variation in the final product. Some names come out short and sweet, other complex and long. Some with the group title in the start others with the title in the middle or end.

Funny team name generators

Funny superhero group names

If your team-members is laid back all-stars and superheroes you might need some funny team names instead. You can use the Superhero Generator as a funny team name generator.

The result are more cartoon oriented and it can gives you some cool ideas for making funny team names with a humoristic approach. You just need to add a funny group title yourself to finish the naming.


Another funny team name generator you can visit for further inspiration is the Codename Generator. It produces cool and funny codenames, that might suit you and your team better, if you looking for less serious and more funny team names.

Clan names

If your are more into role playing games and first person shooters the Clan Name Generator is a great randomizer to check out. It is focused on naming clans as we know them from the first person shooters and the MMORPG's, so it takes a little different approach to the subject of naming groups.