Superhero Name Generator make heroic, funny and cool superhero names. More than 4.5 million random unique superhero names. All names are saved to a list of superhero names.

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The Superhero Name Generator

The Superhero Name Generator generates random funny and cool superhero names. The Superhero names are generated from verbs, adjectives and nouns with a heroic and epic and sometime a funny or ironic result. Real badass hero names.

The Superhero Name Generator tries to follow the classic tradition for good superhero names. Names that at the same time reflects the heroes super powers in a heroic way and still keeps a little ironic distance to the superhero genre.

Random superhero names

To get random superhero names the generator uses a programming random function. Some complex random algorithms controls the combinations of words. The result is true random, remarkable and creative names.

With the current word arrays more than 4.5 million different and unique random names are available. That should be sufficient to give you lots of new ideas and inspiration in creating and naming your all your hero and superhero characters.

Cool ideas for naming your heroes

If you don't find the perfect hero name, you surely will find lots of cool ideas and inspiration to make your own name. The superhero generator will give you plenty ideas to create your own personal superhero name.

Basically a randomizer can never compete with the skills of a human, and this small web application will also make some bad name suggestions from time to time. It's the nature of true and uncontrolled randomness. But no sweat. Just click the generate button again and get another suggestion.

The save list will secure that you never miss a single result, even though your clicking and the generation is faster than the fastest superhero. ;)

Superhero Names

Good superhero name are both memorable and inspiring, and they add creativity and cool to your online personality. Use them as character, avatar and other online screen names.

How to make a superhero name

Cool superhero names can be created in several ways. I use colors, animals, adjectives and nouns to create a inspiring and cool combinations of words. Words that are powerful, funny and easy to articulate.

The words I have chosen to build on mainly are heroic, epic, badass or sometimes funny. That gives superhero names with a heroic meaning and style. Hero names that are easy to remember. Badass superheroes and villains with KAPOW!

My final goal is to create a describing, heroic or funny hero and villain name.

Hero names for hero games

There are several superhero role playing games (superhero RPG) out there. Use the generator to make cool super-hero names for characters in these online hero RPG's.

Champions Online. A Superhero game

One of the newest and most famous is the Champions online. Superhero RPG. In this Wikipedia article there's lots of information, inspiration, tips and tricks to this specific super hero RPG. Both to the gaming itself but also to the naming of your superheroes.

If you need a funny or cool badass name for your Champions Online characters, the superhero name generator make great names for your. It works as the perfect champion name generator with it's cool and funny superhero names.

More superhero role-playing games

If you are into superhero role playing you got to check out the superhero role playing games website. Tons of games both online and offline. Titles like: Villains and Vigilantes, Mutants and Masterminds and DC heroes are covered in this huge guide to the heroic gaming genre.