The Product Name Generator can make more than 1 million random product names and brands. All your generated names are saved to a list of product names

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Product Name Generator

The Product Name Generator can help you make creative and generic product names and brands. A great tool to find new ideas to good brand and product names.

The Product Name Generator makes modern and generic brands that are perfect for trendy and high tech services and products.

Brand Name Generator

As a Brand name generator it makes cool brands and brand names. And give you lots of ideas for new products and brands.

A good brand name is modern and memorable and send out professional signals. It creates positive images for the consumers. A good brand name is easy to recognize but difficult to come up with. The brand name generator might not generate the perfect brand for you, but it will give you tons of good ideas for brand names.

Inspiration from Product Name Generator

The Product Name Generator try to make generic names. If you're looking for a more specific product name for a certain good or service, the Product Name Generator can give you inspiration. You can use some of the short names or abbreviations for prefixes or suffixes for your specific product.

If you didn't find the perfect name among the created ones, you'll definitely find inspiration and get new idea's to improve or create your personal product name.

Domain check brands and product names

Not much idea in a new brand or product if you can't get the corresponding domain name.

From the list of product names and brands you can do an instant check to see if the suggested brand is available as an Internet domain. Just click the name you want to check and the domain check is performed right away for you.

Product Names

Good product names have some qualities in common. They are easy to remember, easy to pronounce and create the right associations for both costumers and consumers.

How to make good product names?

Good names can be created in several ways. I create them from a number of catchy syllables that gives the proper associations and positive feelings. It can be difficult to create 100% generic product names because different products benefits from different associations.

Words like: tech, tex and lab are good words for electronic gadgets. But the same words should be used with care in the food industry. Food product names could benefit from names like: fresh, eco and soft. Words that wouldn't fit very well into a financial product.

How does the generator work?

The Product Name Generator use lists of generic short words, abbreviations and syllables. The words are combined in different combination to create new words and names. All words and syllables are handpicked to be either prefixes, base name, suffixes or maybe all of them.

If you get a name you don't like or your think will send the wrong signals. Just hit the generate button again and let the generator make a new one for you.

Of course a product generator like this one, can't really create a 100% serious product name for you. But it definitely can help the creative process, and help you and your team getting new ideas for brand and product names.

Fake brands

The generator can also be used to come up with a fake brands. Fake brands can be used for books, articles, reports or every where else in writing where you can't use the real brand name.

More about brands

Read much more about brands and concepts, branding and labels at the wikipedia. Lots of background, history and info about brands and branding.

Brand generator

You can find and generate more cool brands with the brand name generator. It makes cool and catchy brands that are easy to pronounce. Hosted by the business generators - a new website dedicated all kind of business naming and business related generators.

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