Business Name Generator use a random number generator to create cool business names. Over 3 million online free business names. Names are made with a single click and saved to a list.

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Business Name Generator

Good business ideas deserves equally good names. The online Business Name Generator generates creative and cool business names.

The business name generator are operated with a simple click on a button. Each click makes a new creative idea for you. All the generated names are saved to a list. Just save the list before you leave, and you will have easy access to all the ideas, when ever you need them. It could be in a brainstorm or in the creative process of finding the perfect business name.

From the same save list you can also check if the domain is available. Just click the name you want to check and a domain check is performed instantly. If the .com top level domain is not available you will get suggestions and ideas to alternative top-level domains, that might be interesting for you.

Free business names

The name generators is an online and free service. I want to make free business names, that are fun and easy to generate and interesting enough to give your inspiration to new ideas to come up with your own names.

Free business names means that you can use all generated ideas and suggestion exactly as you choose to. You can register them as they as are. Or you can alter and modify them to suit your likings. There's no limits to your use. Free means completely free in the most liberal interpretation with absolutely no limitations or restrictions. All business names are both free of copyright and also royalty free. Yes! Just like free beer. ;)

Random names

The output from the generator is 100% random. With the current random formulas the business generator makes up to 3 million unique name ideas and suggestions.

Random are defined as unpredictable. And with unpredictability there will also be generated some useless or not so good business names. You can't avoid that. It's the nature of the random and chaotic processes.

But at the same time the unpredictability of the generator also is its strength. The randomness produces word combinations and business names ideas, you probably wouldn't have come up with yourself.

Business name ideas

If the Business Name Generator does not provide the exact idea you were looking for, just hit the button again, and a new suggestion is generated.

You can't really depend on a machine to make creative and catchy names. But you can get new cool ideas for different angles, themes and approaches. So think of this tool as a business name idea generator, because it will help you in the creative process creating tons of new ideas.

It will help you with presenting an abundance of new ideas, inputs and suggestions. And maybe the little strange, crazy or even funny suggestion is just what you need to take the last step and make that cool business name your self.

Good business names

Good business names are easy to remember, easy to pronounce and give inspiration to both the company employees, costumers and consumers. They help to build up credibility and trust in your surroundings.

You can pretty much boil it down to, that a good business name should:

  • Be easy to remember
  • Give your company a positive image
  • Be easy to pronounce
  • Show the world you are different
  • Separate you from your competitors
  • Create engagement with your employees, consumers and costumers

If you business is international it's very important to check the meaning of the preferred name in the native language of all the countries your company operates in or foreign markets you are planning to expand in.

Funny or catchy business names

Funny business names should only be used with great consideration. What you find funny may seems stupid or offensive to your customizers, so funny business names probably only will work for some limited areas of entertainment or amusement companies.

But if you can come up with a catchy business name it's of course beneficial. Catchy are easy to remember, recognize and grasp. And the catchy name can later evolve in to a catchy brand.

How to make a good business name

Good business names can be made in several ways. You can create it from family names or from more or less random words. It could be colors, animals, product names, nouns, titles, scientific expressions, etc.

Sometimes it's good to use specific names that tells a story about your company or your products. Other times it's better that the name is as generic as possible, and can cover a wide range of business areas.

Often a combination of a couple of words is preferable. Chances are that a brief combination of words will more likely make the name unique. And at the same time a name with multiple words will probably be able tell a lot more than any single word can.

Creative business names

It's not easy to create creative business names. And as mentioned above a name generator really can't be creative. But sometimes randomness leads to what might appears as creativity.

And if the generator is carefully designed it the random processes can certainly fire up the imagination and thus support the creative process leading to final result.

But for coming up with creative as well as catchy business name the final steps and refinement has to be done by humans.

Alternative random company name generator

As an alternative you can try this random company name generator at the It generates random company names for all kind of companies, firms and enterprises.