The evil name generator will make cool and badass evil names, which are a mix of fantasy names and classic evil names. Random evil words and expressions are added during the process. Generates more than 3.5 million random evil names.

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Evil Names

Get your badass evil names from the evil name generator. Cool evil names with dark and wicked meanings and feel. Evil names that are perfect for your online games, profiles, avatars and mean characters.

The evil names are based on fantasy names. It makes them very generic and mysterious at the same time. The origin become indeterminable and the affinities unclear.

The evil names are made by combining short and catchy fantasy words, aliases and names. Randomly chosen dark adjectives, verbs and nouns with evil meaning, sound and feel are added to refine the name and create variation in the wicked names.

Because of the fantasy base the evil names are perfect almost all role playing games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, hackscape and other online games. The fantasy base also gives them a cool wicked and badass feeling.

List of evil names

All the names you are generating are written to the save list of evil names. This list is a personal and unique list with the full output of your session. Before you leave the evil generator, just save your list and all the cool wicked names will be available for your future use.

From the evil names list you even can do a domain check if you want to get the domain associated to your wicked name.

Random evil names

I rely on a JavaScript build in random function. The random function gives unpredictability and diversity to the result. The random process is controlled by a complex random algorithm which controls the length and appearance of the final output.

The consequence of randomness

As a direct consequence of the random processes a lot of bad names will occur. That's the nature of randomness. You can't control the output of a random generator. But luckily it is very easy to use it, so you just keep clicking the button until you are satisfied with the result.

Cool evil names

Cool evil names have the right demonic associations, effect and feel. They make your character stand out from the crowd and clearly signal pure and utter evilness and wickedness.

But it is highly individual how we define cool and coolness. Thus it's hard to precisely describe what's in the perfect name of evil.

It depends on our age, gender, culture, education and social groups we belong to. And what I think is good and cool might be miles away from what you think. It really depend on your personal preferences.

The evil name generator try to make wicked names with huge variation and in that process a lot of chances is taken. And because of that the generator also produce bad names. It's inevitable. But the huge variation also increase the chance of hitting some really badass and cool evil names.

Male and female evil names

The generator will by design make 50% evil female names and 50% male. But many of the fantasy names will occur so asexual and are so generic that they can be used for both male and female evil name.

Evil Screen Names

Evil screen names are cool. Use the names of evil when you want to stay anonymous at chat rooms, MSN, IRC, forums and your profiles at any other social network sites and communities on the Internet.

Evil screen names are also perfect for gaming. Whether you prefer the hardcore one person shooters or the more tactical RPG gaming.

Definition of evil

At Princeton University net evil is defined as immorality, wickedness, iniquity (morally objectionable behavior); something which causes harm or destruction or misfortune, and the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice.

At Wikipedia the definition of Evil is something that is immoral, causes pain or harm, is offensive, or threatening. In many cultures it is a broad term used to describe what are seen as harmful deeds. Evil is usually contrasted with good. In some religions, it is an active force, often personified as an entity such as Satan, Lucifer and other devils and devilish creatures.

Read much more about evilness at Wikipedia. And get more inspiration and ideas to make evil names.

Funny vampire names

After the last update to the website the evil generator has been merged with the vampire generator. It now also generates vampire names. Some of those vampire names are just funny other are more bloody or more viscous.

In the process some Slavic and East European names were added to generator. Not because these are bad or evil by nature, but because that Eastern Europe is the home of the modern vampire legend and therefore add a little vampire vibe to the final result.