The Pirate Name Generator makes random and cool pirate names. The generator makes over 1 million random and unique names. Mixed male and female pirate names.

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Pirate Name Generator

The Pirate Name Generator makes cool pirate names. Names that are ready to use just for fun, theme parties, carnivals and theme days like the annual talk like a pirate day. Genuine and realistic names from the seven seas for true fans.

The Pirate Name Generator use real historic pirate names combined with expressions and lingo connected with the sea and sailors, sea robbers and mariners to make catchy and cool pirate names.

List of Pirate names

The pirate generator saves all the generated names to a list. The list is one hundred percent unique and is your personal list.

Just copy the list before you leave and you'll be ready for naming all your friends.

How to make pirate names

It's easy to make your own pirate names. You can use this generator as a source of inspiration to find names and expression connected to the pirate theme.

But you can also use you real name and just add the right pirate expression. You find lots of inspiration on Wikipediea and various dictionaries. You'll find links and resources further down this page.

Cool pirate Names

To make cool pirate names I use a mixture of good old English names, combined with surnames with the proper feel. To spice the names up, the random generator adds expressions, nouns, verbs etc. from a sailor and seaman's jargon.

The pirate names shows huge variation due to a complex random algorithm, that combines the different names, surnames and jargon into new names.

Huge variation guarantees lots of different, creative and cool pirate names.

Female names

Pirate names for girls

25% of the pirate names from the generator are female pirate names for girls. The female pirate names are generated with a girl name and a surname. Finally special words are randomly added to finish and refine the name.

In real life female were rare in the piracy business, but the female pirate names are the obvious choice for cool pirate ship names. Through all time sailors always has named their ships after females. Many fine lady has crossed the oceans, seven seas bays and straits.

Real female pirate names

For a list of real female pirate names check this list of historical female pirates. These traditional names is also a great source for inspiration for funny and cool pirate names for girls.

Male Pirates

75% of the of the names generated are male. The male ones are made from traditional English sailor names. These are combined with generic surnames and the special words.

Pirate ship name generator

You can easily use this application as a pirate ship name generator. Just choose the random female pirate names as pirate ship names. There you go, a build-in pirate ship name generator.

Historical ships and piracy

At the Wikipedia you can find a list of historical pirate ships at the piracy article. This article deal with every aspects of piracy from historical time and up till the piracy the world experience today.

You can find even more piracy ship names at the famous pirate ship names at

Piracy definition

The United Nations definition of piracy sounds like this: "Piracy consists of any criminal acts of violence, detention, rape, or depredation committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or aircraft."

Piracy is indeed a dirty business. Both now and in the past. So even though the movie industry and literature usually glorifies piracy and the criminal acts on the sea, piracy has never been and will never romantic and heroic as described.